I cannot begin to tell you how much my wife and I are enjoying the desk that you refinished
for us.  Every time I walk by it I am utterly amazed at how great it looks.  What an
outstanding job you did!  The finish is gorgeous and it actually matches a curio cabinet that I
bought for my wife a few years ago.  I will be reluctant to give up the desk to my daughter
when she is in a position to take it.  You have been very generous to us and we deeply
appreciate it.

Customer Comments
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Fantastic Report!!
Thanks a bunch.
-Undra, Mayflower Transit, LLC.

However, she also mentioned that the driver was hit on his way to the appt - but his top
concern was your company and the customer service you provide.

You all are amazing!

-Erica, Movers Specialty
I just wanted to let everyone know that my table looks wonderful and I will recommend
your work to anyone who needs something refurbished. Thank you!

Becky Lindholm
Any pieces that got damaged during the trek from China to Iowa have been repaired
thanks to the expertise of Donald Kistner at Kistner's Full Claim Service! They are a
reliable commercial and residential touch-up and restoration center, and we want to
say a big thank you to them for donating their time and talent to getting each piece in
its best shape for our customers!

Carrie Paschke
Furnish Out
Dear Kistners,
Thank you so much for repairing our damaged pieces at no cost. Not only was the work done excellently and in
a timely manner, but the zero cost to us will allow us to make a larger contribution to the charity. We greatly
appreciate your support and generosity.

With Sincere Gratitude,
Carrie Paschke
Furnish Out
Hey there, I'm working on this claim and want to thank you guys for always coming
through. Whenever I send you a claim you guys go out and repair immediately. I don't
even have to research or think with your claims. You guys get all of the information
needed for me to settle my claims. I hope you all have a great weekend and no doubt any
assignment close to you, you get it. Thanks again.

LaShonda Craig
Corporate Claims Analyst